Creating an Immersive Embed

Creating an Immersive Embed via your Client Web Portal for deployment with the Harpra Web AR Tool on your Website

Positive Implications using Mixed Reality!

Sharing Positive Implications that can be capture when using Mixed Reality across Design & Engineering. We are officially starting our Design & Engineering Series and this video we are going to start talking about Positive Implications that can be captured with Mixed Reality! I’d like to preface that we will be using later episodes to […]

Mixed Reality Hardware Useability

Discussing Mixed Reality Hardware usability and important factors for AR, VR, and device selection. Today we are talking about Hardware, but not that new shiny iPhone 12, or the iPad, or the HoloLens 2, or the Oculus Quest. I want to talk about hardware in the form of usability. That means if I am going […]

Content Creation for Mixed Reality

Briefly reviewing Harvin AR’s internal workflow for Content Creation. In previous videos, we briefly discussed Content Creation and the importance of developing unique, engaging, and meaningful content for deployment in both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In this video, I’d like to spend a little time covering the workflow we use internally within Harvin AR, […]

Mixed Reality can positively impact Sales

Sharing a few ways Mixed Reality can positively impact sales. Last time we talked a little bit about how Mixed Reality can have a positive impact within multiple business units within a company. We focused on Sales & Marketing, Design & Engineering, and Training. But this time around in this video I want to spend […]

Research Mixed Reality!

Covering why Mixed Reality should be researched leading into 2021. Hey everyone Don Harvey here with Harvin AR. As we come closer to the end of 2020 I’m sure most of you guys are already in the planning phase for 2021. I want to send out a little emphasis to do some research into Mixed […]