Harpra Companion Apps

Send Immersive Brochures directly to Phones & Tablets, instantly

Communicate with immersion.

Go beyond the basic email, pictures, and even video by delivering unique and meaningful content

Scan the QR Code with your device or press the View Model button view the 3D Model!

Curated 3D Assets aimed to help.

Don’t be generic or general. Prepare personalized, educational, and engaging content packed into an Immersive Brochure

You control the visibility.

Whether sharing your Immersive Brochure publicly or privately eliminating the ability to access the Immersive Brochure is simple.

Your Brand, your AR Viewer

Don’t develop, capitalize quicker. Customized to your brand your clients viewing your content through your AR Viewer.

Meaningful data guiding decisions.

Data helping you understand how your 3D Models and Immersive Brochures are performing in Sales, Marketing, and more.

Ready to send 3D Models?

Start for free today, or learn more about the Harpra Platform options that suit your needs.