Mixed Reality can positively impact Sales

Sharing a few ways Mixed Reality can positively impact sales.

Last time we talked a little bit about how Mixed Reality can have a positive impact within multiple business units within a company. We focused on Sales & Marketing, Design & Engineering, and Training.
But this time around in this video I want to spend just a little bit of time focusing on how it can have a positive impact within Sales. So let’s take a look!
First, one of the great things about Mixed Reality is being able to display 3D Models at full-scale in the real world. Take for example this conveyor. This is a CAD Model that we converted over into a Hologram.
Without a doubt displaying a full-scale hologram is a great presentation tool. But what if we wanted to isolate to a specific area or maybe even a sub-assembly within that model. And navigating the entire model to find that area of interest could be difficult. Let’s take a different approach.
This time we are displaying the hologram using an iPad. What’s amazing here is the content creation plus Mixed Reality we can build and deploy a myriad of engagin and unique 3D Models from the original CAD File. Not have to rely on just one full-scale model. It’s just another approach to displaying the value of your products.
Ok, a few things of importance here:
1.) We are going beyond the physical limitations of the real world and these 3D Models are non-disruptive. That means we can deploy this content right onto the plant floor, directly onto the line, even during production.
2.) Our customer’s today are visual learners, so we want to cater to that by giving them more immersive and deeper presentation into the products.
3.) Finally, we want to be flexible, that means we want to be able to deploy content onto Phones, Tablets, AR Headset, and even VR Headsets.
So these are just some basic and very easily achievable to deploy Mixed Reality.

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