Research Mixed Reality!

Covering why Mixed Reality should be researched leading into 2021.

Hey everyone Don Harvey here with Harvin AR.

As we come closer to the end of 2020 I’m sure most of you guys are already in the planning phase for 2021.
I want to send out a little emphasis to do some research into Mixed Reality.
Whether that be Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Both of these technologies can have a positive impact within your business.
That means within Sales & Marketing, Design & Engineering, and Training.
If your evaluating, researching, or maybe your even on a Trial Subscription. Look out for a few key components.
1. Accessibility to created Content
2. Having those apps be device agnostic
3. A job to be done focus
Finally, this one hits home with me most of all as well as built into the core of Harvin AR is Support. 
And that means making just not just the company is successful that means making sure the individuals that are responsible and tasked with deploying Mixed Reality in the field are successful as well.
Spending time to make sure they are comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable with this technology.
Regardless of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality whatever hardware your looking at or whatever company you are interested in exploring. Just know one thing that Mixed Reality is a practical solution. It can deliver value both internally and externally within your business.
If your curious, want to ask questions, want to learn more, or research, or whatever the case may be, send us a note we love talking about it.

Contact us to learn more about how Mixed Reality can have a positive impact within your business.

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