Founded January 1, 2018

Who We Are

Harvin AR is a team of creative and focused experts in the field of Mixed Reality. We have a passion for revealing the possibilities of Mixed Reality for your business, formulating a plan to suit your needs, and partnering with you to make that plan a success. Founded in 2018, we entered a growing field of technology with hearts and minds set on utilizing these tools to innovate cutting edge strategies for communication. The products of our imaginations (and yours) would become untethered from the restrictions of page or screen.

Innovation and Collaboration

As Mixed Reality technology has advanced, our spirit for innovation has remained strong, and an essential part of who we are. Harvin AR fosters intrapreneurship, empowering each other to uncover new, exciting applications for Mixed Reality and the Harpra Platform. Every new client offers us the opportunity to apply proven Mixed Reality strategies and develop new variations and techniques to further support their particular goals. Our versatile platform continues to evolve, with the vital feedback of our customers as inspiration, driven by the creativity and dedication of our team.

Expanding Potential

Charting new paths in the field of Mixed Reality is a collaborative project. It’s an enterprise that involves an ever-growing Harvin AR family, and an expanding network of satisfied adopters willing to incorporate mixed reality into how they do business. Find your place in the landscape with Harvin AR.

Don Harvey Jr.


5+ years working with Augmented Reality within the industrial sector, ranging from Equipment Manufacturers, Manufacturing and Processing End Users, Distributors, and Engineering Firms.

8 Years experience working in distribution in the industrial sector supporting end-users in Food processing, light manufacturing, and materials handling.

2+ years in the film industry working pre, and post-productions with a range of responsibilities from set production and lighting to special effects editing.

Don Harvey Sr.


38+ years working in the Industrial sector with manufacturing and distribution supporting the larger end-user sector.

Currently serving as President of Esbelt Corporation, an affiliate of Esbelt SA, a Spanish manufacturer of high-performance conveyor and processing belting.