Beyond providing the Harpra Platform, we will work with your teams to educate, train, consult, and assist in development to ensure the integration of Harpra and Mixed Reality generate a positive return.


Utilizing Mixed Reality for your business will require the knowledge and skills to get the most out of your tools and the Harpra platform. That's where our training service comes in. We will follow through with you to ensure your team has a firm grasp of this cutting edge technology. Guiding designers, educating your sales force, or supporting your engineers, Harvin AR is your guide and comprehensive knowledge center for Mixed Reality.

Content Creation

The Harpra Platform makes it possible for you to utilize your existing 3D content for demonstration or training purposes. If you're looking for help producing 3D models, we have the capability to create, optimize, colorize, composite, and animate anything you need.

Custom Mixed Reality Modules

We will enable you to do more than just display your holograms. With the Harpra Platform, we can develop your own highly-specific Custom Module. Think of this as an App within an App. We leverage the Harpra Core features, combined with our UI/UX and focus on developing a Custom Module that has the ability to fundamentally transform your business. Since we are a Platform, it opens the possibility to extend this beyond your internal use as well!


With the knowledge and tools you need for powerful, Mixed Reality-assisted communication at the ready, our commitment to successful implementation continues with our personal consulting service. Deployment of your mixed reality communication is something we intend to see maximized to its full potential. Harvin AR will join you in person to ensure that goal is met.