The Harpra Platform is designed to maximize the value of your company’s 3D Content by allowing you to display and interact with these models in Mixed Reality.

The Customer Journey



Revolutionize your business with Mixed Reality. Our Harpra Platform can be customized to your needs. The platform is a feature-based subscription service to ensure you’re not paying for capabilities you won’t use.


Create Content

Increase the value of old or new 3D Content by converting & preparing it for immersive and impactful end uses.


Upload & Store

Whether it be 1 model, 20, or a large catalog of models, easily upload them to your safe and secure Client Web Portal for deployment on the Harpra App.


Retrieve & Display

Use the Harpra App on your device, retrieve your 3D content, and put it to work in an endless amount of uses across every business vertical.

It's that simple

If you’re ready to enhance your business with Mixed Reality, the Harpra Platform is waiting for you.