Bring Mixed Reality to your work and revolutionize the way you do business.

The Harpra Platform is the complete solution for partners to utilize Mixed Reality. Built to your needs, the platform is a feature-based subscription service that provides pre-built or customized functionality to display 3D content within the real world.

Functionality and Features

Client web portal

Cloud-based central storage location for uploading and organizing of all Mixed Reality content.

Harpra Platform

Do more with the Harpra Platform utilizing versatile Prebuilt Modules or highly-customizable Custom Modules.

More Valuable Content

Move past simple holograms with enhanced features, such as animations, transparent internal views, realistic texturing, annotations, and more, drawing more value out of your 3D content.

Expand Your Capabilities


Enable your sales team to provide highly-visual demonstrations, manipulating products beyond physical capabilities. Break down the costly barriers and logistics of physical objects.


Streamline prototyping and improve collaboration through your design process with immersive visualization beyond 2D screens. At-scale content deployed on or off-location, effectively reducing risk and errors.


Gain unparalleled machine accessibility with a holographic representation. Adapt to an ever-changing labor force with simplified and accessible training modules, combining physical and digital capabilities.


Displaying content through the Harpra Platform’s Prebuilt Modules allows companies to make an immediate impact internally and externally.

Modernize your sales force to deliver more engaging, effective demonstrations or presentations utilizing 3D Content that will stand out against traditional Brochures, Pictures, or Videos!

Expand your presence at Trade Shows, with the ability to show off more equipment at a fraction of the cost of traditional demonstrations. Go beyond physical limitations!

Develop highly-specific marketing to people, industries, departments, or any other audience! Deploy those experiences across the entire workforce, delivering unique, specific, and engaging presentations!

Reduce the cost of building physical prototypes and deploy holograms at any stage in design. Collaborate with Clients for improved communication and presentations.

Gain the capability to deploy Holograms anywhere, such as the plant floor and the production line (even without internet connection), creating a greater opportunity to discover errors early on in the process, before installation!

Utilize full-scale holograms of projects, creating a greater opportunity to discover errors early on in the process, before fabrication!

Leverage Mixed Reality to educate or re-educate individuals on proper performance of procedures. Multi-Headset collaboration allows for individuals to join together, collaborate, assess, and perform required tasks.

Create custom content which is practical, useful, and impactful, enhancing your vision in performance, safety, and reliability.

Creating content that eliminates the need for the physical equipment allows for individuals to repeat any procedures or tasks. Repetition improves Retention.

Clients Using Harpra

What people say?

We love innovation and technology. Pellenc ST is constantly finding ways to bring higher value to our customers through our equipment and services. That's why we love utilizing Harvin AR's Harpra App on the HoloLens to place a holographic representation of our Mistral+ Sorting Machine to assess the layout on our client's line. Last week we assisted a customer in the early discovery of variables that would have caused costly rework or delays. This is Project Management done right.
Pellenc ST
optical sorting machines
Harvin AR's Harpra App combined with the HoloLens gave us the ability to effectively show products that are otherwise costly or physically challenging to deliver. We were able to demo our Crane holographically at 1:1 Scale, roughly 17ft in length, and display our Ratchet Winch & FASST Winder via the Transparent Function providing an in depth view of internal parts. Using Harpra allowed us to integrate Augmented Reality into our booth at IWBS generating a positive ROI.
Marine products
HarvinAR's creative insight using augmented reality, combined with great technical acumen, made them the perfect partner for us as we sought to bring a technological edge to our booth at the ISSA Show North America 2019. The end result was a truly fun and amazing experience - for both employees and attendees alike - we couldn't have done it without Don Harvey, Jr. who was there with us all the way.
Professional cleaning equipmenT - industrial, Commercial, Consumer

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Our mission is to be a catalyst in Mixed Reality by educating, implementing, and helping our customers evolve traditional practices with practical innovation.